Hi, I'm Paul

I'm a Wedding Photographer based in Surrey

I love what I do. I know every other photographer says the same thing, but I do. I have been using cameras and photographing people since I was 16. I took an art class and tried black and white photography. I saw the magic of a print developing right before my eyes and I was hooked. I mean obsessed. I love photography so much it has genuinely taken over my life.

I completed a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging and started assisting photographers in London. Subsequently, I started taking commercial commissions but it was only when I reluctantly agreed to “shoot a friends wedding as a favour” that my enthusiasm and energy suddenly rushed back into my image-making. I realised that there are so many different aspects of wedding photography that my creativity could flourish.

I get asked all the time “what made you want to become a wedding photographer?”

I always give the same answer, I always go to work with a smile on my face, because I know everyone is going to be happy. Whatever the weather, two people are going to enjoy the best day ever with their friends and family!

Below are some images of my family, Helen, my wife, friend, business partner and a very talented photographer. Mia, my beautiful daughter who just coming into her teenage years (lucky us!) and Zac my gaming bright spark who just seems to be good at everything.

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